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Alfreda Gerald is an unparalleled vocal powerhouse often compared to Aretha Franklin and Chaka Khan. A classically trained soprano, Alfreda has sang professional opera with the London Philharmonic Orchestra among others and toured for a decade as the featured vocalist with international superstar Yanni. As an R&B singer, she has worked directly with superstars from Sir Elton John, Celine Dion and Whitney Houston to The Gap Band, Gladys Knight and Cher.  Alfreda officially joined Party on the Moon in 2017 but has been singing with them for years prior.

Q. You have shared the stage with amazing artists from Yanni to Whitney Houston. What drew you to be a part of Party on the Moon?

A. “I wanted to join Party on the Moon because they are the top event band in the nation. And for me that’s important…. I’ve worked hard to build a career and reputation as a world-class musician and am inspired by talented musicians who are the best in their field and share a commitment to delivering the best for our audience.

“Also, the band is really fun and gives me a chance to do what I love with a group of awesome musicians and singers on a regular basis.  I really enjoy being a part of something that creates joy for people…. when people leave one of our performances, they are uplifted and feel like they have been to a concert.  It’s a mixture between a concert and dance hall.  I have seen people laugh, cry, dance and really discover an entire gamut of emotion.”

Q. How would you describe Party on the Moon: The Movie.

“The movie is high energy, fun, positive and uplifting to me…just like our performances.  It is also informative and gives non-musicians a chance to look behind the scenes at how a band like ours operates.”

Q. What do you think audiences will find interesting about the film?

A. “I think the film will help viewers really understand the intricacies behind creating top of the line performances…and that everything isn’t as it seems from their vantage point. From an audience’s perspective, a musician’s life may appear glamourous…and it can be, but behind the scenes, there is a lot of hard work, time and dedication that goes into what we do…everything is not as easy as it looks.”

Q. Any funny anecdotes you can share that happened when making the film?

A. “It’s not exactly funny but I came down with laryngitis during my film interviews…I could barely speak! But that didn’t slow us down or stop our filming.  That dedication translates to our performances…no matter the circumstance, we find a way.  The show must go on and it must be exceptional!”

Q. What do you want audiences to walk away with after watching the movie? 

A. “I would like audiences to walk away inspired.  I would like them to realize that everyone can dream and, if you follow that dream, work hard, and you are kind, you can succeed!”




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