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I have been getting a steady steam of texts and emails asking if Party On The Moon will be performing at The Inaugural Ball for President-Elect Donald Trump. I’m not surprised by the question. We are returning to Mar-a-Lago in West Palm Beach for Mr. Trump’s New Year’s Eve party for the sixth year.

We have performed for President Obama’s Ingural Ball and have had the honor to perform for Bill Clinton, George W. and George H.W. Bush. We’ve also performed for the President of Nigeria and political figures from around the globe.

This year is very different. I have received emails critizing us for performing for Mr. Trump. The media is filling time covering the stories of artists that have stated they will not perform at the Inaugural event. Recently, the Radio City Rockettes have chimed in and many in the company will keep their high heels home in protest.

A close friend recently said, “We are now in a world where you are your politics or what you wear or what you eat, and it brands you.”

When we tie our personal identity to our political views or religious group we can lose our ability to see reality clearly. This makes it harder for us to create the kind of world we want to see exist.

My point is we are not defined by who we vote for or the way we worship or the possessions we have. If we choose to define ourselves we are not free.

I’m a musician. My job is to bring joy to events and help people have a good time – which the world needs now more than ever.

If I get the call to perform for President-Elect Trump, we will be there. If Hillary Clinton gave us the call, we would be there. My life as an artist has nothing to do with my political choices.

Many think we are at a crossroads in 2017. If we can focus on creating our life grounded in goodwill and acceptance of others and their opnions without taking it personally, I think we’ll do fine.

Maybe I’ll see you at the Ball!



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