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Party on the Moon: The Movie will be available here during our virtual movie launch celebration on Friday, July 19.  Stay tuned!

What does it take to be America’s most successful celebration band?

Party on the Moon: The Movie takes viewers behind the scenes, giving them a glimpse into the artists’ music and motivation and how their priceless chemistry translates into success. Party on the Moon: The Movie reminds you that following your dream can be tough, but if you show up, do the work and never give up, good things can happen.

Every team member of Party on the Moon has an interesting story to tell from transportation leader Robert “Buzz” Morton, who has toured with Jimmy Buffett and Bruce Springsteen, to world-renowned Playboy photographer David Rams to incomparable vocalists Alfreda Gerald and Jeff Thimas.  You will be moved and inspired by this team and the genuine love they have for their craft and one another.

Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Robert Fritz, Party on the Moon: The Movie has received 10 film awards including IndieFEST Film Awards 2018, Los Angeles CineFest 2018, Boston International Film Festival 2018, International Independent Film Award, 2018 American Movie Awards, Spotlight Documentary Film Awards, Solo International Film Festival, Best Documentary Nevada International Film Festival, two awards from the Accolade Global Film Competition 2018.

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