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When people ask me what line of business I am in, I tell them I’m in the memory-making business. That always gets their attention.

In any endeavor, it’s important to understand what business you’re in. On the surface, it seems that I’m in the entertainment business. There’s some truth to that as Party on the Moon and Galaxy Party Management bands do entertain. But it’s really a service business. My job is to serve my clients and audience. My goal is to give them an unforgettable experience through music and presentation. Hence, making memories.

As the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Not everybody can be famous, but everyone can be great because greatness is determined by service.” I take these words to heart. Making our business successful takes an unrivaled dedication to ultimate customer service from everyone involved in creating the event.

While Galaxy Party Management enjoys a tremendous amount of repeat customers, the reality for many clients is that hiring one of our bands is a one-time deal for a special occasion. They are spending a lot of money to ensure their guests have the time of their lives and walk away with memories they will never forget. That’s why from the moment a contract is signed, plans are put in motion to ensure the client’s expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Take a look at your own business…is it what it seems on the surface or is it deeper than that? Think about your end goal. Is everyone on your team on the same page? These may seem like simple questions, but it’s extremely important…knowing exactly what business you are in can make or break you.

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