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 The Kingsport Annual Chamber Dinner has earned the reputation as Kingsport’s “Social Event of the Year,” selling out quickly with a waiting list a mile long. With the much anticipated celebration slated for February 7, Bob Feagins, Executive Director of Communications & Development, Kingsport Tennessee Chamber of Commerce, and Dennis Smith shared their views on the secret to this success.

Q. What is the Kingsport Chamber Dinner All About?

Bob: “The Kingsport Chamber Annual Dinner is our organization’s largest fundraiser, raising thousands of dollars, monies that are critical to the mission and success of our organization. The affair also serves as a celebration of our community’s year of achievements and highlights. With more than 1,700 in attendance (and a waiting list that exceeds 100 people), the event is the largest Chamber Dinner in the nation, and that’s thanks in large part to Party on the Moon and the incredible, entertaining show they perform.”

Q. How has Party on the Moon helped you sell out your event?

Bob: “Party on the Moon has performed at our event eight times, and will again take the stage this year. By focusing on the celebration aspect of fundraising and specifically the performance by Party on the Moon, we have built a solid following. The band is phenomenal, and everyone loves them!  We continue to receive rave reviews on their show months after the last person has left the dance floor. Party on the Moon is a huge reason for our event’s success and why it continues to be a sold-out affair year after year.”

Q. What makes Party on the Moon such a draw?

Bob: “They are true professionals who work closely with us to create an unforgettable event experience and one that exceeds all expectations.  They work to create a new and different event each year that produces superb excitement and anticipation.”

Q. Dennis, in your view, what makes the Kingsport event such a success?
Dennis: “Bob’s focus on the power of celebration is key, and what makes people want to return to this to this event every year.”

Q. Do you have anything new planned for Friday’s show?
Dennis: “We take great pride in connecting our audience to the music, to this great cause, and to one another. In the past, we brought in the Dobyns-Bennett Drumline, which as a part of the Dobyns-Bennett high school band has made multiple appearances in the Rose Parade and Macy’s Parade. This year, the full 127-person band — along with a 30-piece choir — will join Party on the Moon to kick off the event. I can promise you that there will be connections and celebration like you never imagined.”

“I strongly recommend without hesitation Galaxy Party Management team and Party on the Moon to any individual, company or organization looking to produce a fun, electrifying, entertaining and memorable event that will separate itself from all others, remain in the minds of attendees for weeks after the affair and that will help exceed all goals for the event. Quite simply, Galaxy Party Management and Party on the Moon are the BEST!!!”

Bob Feagins, Kingsport Chamber



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