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Award-winning artists create digital experiences for virtual gatherings of all types

ATLANTA (January 28, 2021) – Galaxy Party Management®, the ultimate provider of private entertainment, today announced that it is now producing high-end, customizable digital performances for event planners, corporations, individuals and philanthropists to help mark special milestones and celebrations at their virtual events.

Galaxy Party Management and its artists create unique digital experiences for virtual fundraisers and corporate meetings, personalized tributes, Zoom weddings, small group events of every kind and more. Their broad array of entertainment options feature the same award-winning musicians, high-production capability and great sound and quality they provide for top-notch events around the world — all customizable to tell their clients’ stories.

“We have been reimagining and innovating ways to help our clients continue to celebrate and connect with family, friends and colleagues in today’s environment,” said Dennis Smith, co-founder of Galaxy Party Management. “We’re thrilled to help our clients do just that by bringing our high-end entertainment to them digitally, and expect this offering to continue to thrive through the pandemic and beyond.”

Galaxy Party Management digital productions are only limited by imagination. The team works closely with its clients to personalize their experience with their favorite songs, words and photos, entertaining animation and special effects. Visit to learn how to incorporate a bold and unusual Galaxy Party Management digital production into your next business or family celebration.


Galaxy Party Management® is a management agency representing and providing business and marketing management to musical groups, bands, musicians and dancers. Our celebration bands deliver energetic party experiences with customizable, non-stop, three-hour shows – an unprecedented feat in the industry. With Galaxy Party Management, agencies and event planners have the opportunity to book major-touring artists who have played for the likes of Ted Turner, Eli Manning and Bill Gates. Galaxy Party Bands comprises multiple bands whose artists have toured with Beyoncé, Celine Dion, Earth Wind & Fire, and more. Galaxy Party Management carefully curates song selection, introductions, sound, lighting, choreography, costumes, audience interaction and set design for all its bands’ performance. Clients now can enjoy digital performances for their virtual events as well. Visit to learn more.


Now offering bold and custom digital entertainment.

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