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One great benefit of my job is that I get to work for, and learn about, my clients. Recently, we performed in Phoenix, Arizona, for Sylvan Learning Centers. This was our third year to perform for Sylvan Learning. Each year, Sylvan Learning Centers from all across the globe come together for a yearly conference to share the latest technology, learn from each other on how to be more effective, and celebrate their accomplishments.

Sylvan Learning Centers is in the education business. They specialize in after-school and summer tutoring for children in all grades and subjects. We have traveled the world performing for some of the top companies, and I can tell you Sylvan Learning is one first-class organization. Their people are wonderful, and they take the challenge of educating children very seriously.

After the show in Phoenix, Holly from Dallas told me she has been with Sylvan Learning Centers for eight years. She used to teach fourth grade in public school, and made the change to Sylvan Learning because the approach Sylvan Learning has to education is more effective than public school – it was her way to make more of an impact in her community. I could tell by the way she talked about her work that this was her passion.

I think we can all agree now, more than ever, that our children need all the education we can give them. Sylvan Learning is using technology to help children learn in new ways. They believe that teaching each student is personal and it’s part of their business to bring out the best in each student they teach.

One of the most impressive things about Sylvan Learning is their relationship to their work. They believe the work they are doing is making a difference in the world. The show we performed was a celebration of the work they are doing.

Sylvan Learning reminded me that it’s important for all of us to find work we are passionate about, ally ourselves with others who share the same goals, stay the course and celebrate our accomplishments.

Next year, Sylvan Learning Centers will celebrate in Palm Springs, California. I hope we get to celebrate their great work again.

If you’re in the market for tutoring, please check out Sylvan Learning Centers at and tell them Party On The Moon® sent you.

Here’s to celebration!



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