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We are in a pandemic. It can seem overwhelming. Aside from staying in and following the CDC guidelines, there’s nothing we can do. The reality is we are in a crisis.

Given this current reality, what is the best way we can use our time? When this crisis is over, what will we have to show for that time?

Regardless of our circumstances, we can make choices that support what we want to create that are in line with our values and aspirations. There’s a lot we can do – read a book, write a blog, try a new recipe, plant a garden, write a song, learn a new software program, update a website, etc. You just have to want to do it.

This can be a wonderful time in our creative life. Here’s a few simple ideas you can consider:

• Choose your goal and take the steps you need to create it.
• Create easy stuff first and build your creative muscle.
• Stay in touch with family and friends.
• Exercise, get plenty of rest and eat well.
• Don’t watch too much TV.
• Don’t obsess about how reality got to be this way. It is what it is.
• Follow the CDC guidelines. The studies show social distancing is working. Stay vigilant.
• Give thanks for those on the front lines – the postal workers, UPS drivers, grocery store employees, medical personnel, delivery personnel and first responders – they are the heroes.

We have the power to use this time for building the future. This is not positive thinking. We don’t need to be optimistic – we need to be involved. Many people say “We’ll get through this.” The reality is that some of us won’t.
I recently attended a virtual memorial service for my son’s high school football coach. It was heartbreaking. Unfortunately, many of us will be touched personally by this crisis.

The opportunity to create a life we care about is a precious gift. I encourage you seize the day. I look forward to seeing you once this pandemic is behind us.

Create and be well,


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