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Party on the Moon will celebrate the launch of its documentary film, “Party on the Moon: The Movie” in conjunction with its performance at Venkman’s on Friday, July 19th. Please read on for an interview with POTM co-founder and band leader, Dennis Smith, who gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this movie.  We’d love for you to join us this July at Venkman’s – please visit for tickets.

Q. Why did you decide to make a film about Party on the Moon?  

A. Initially, I wanted to make a new video about the band that went a little deeper into the heart of what makes the band tick. I had no idea that concept would evolve into a documentary film.

Q. What was your goal for the documentary?

A. This film shows the amazing artists that make up the band and what drives them to do what they do. It also gives you a look at the vision behind the band. If you’re serious about creating, there are lessons you can learn from this film. It’s not your typical Rock & Roll, sex and drugs movie… it’s grounded in reality and love.

Q. Why did you choose Robert Fritz to direct the film?

A. I’m a big fan of Robert’s work. He is a pioneer in the study of the creative process, a composer, author, and award-winning film maker. I wanted to work with a new director who I admired. I approached him about directing a short video and it was his idea to create a film. He felt we had a story that should be told.

Q. What was your role in creating the film?

A. I let Robert take the lead. He wrote, directed and edited the film. I was there to support the process.  I was not present for the interviews with the band. I wanted it to be their story as well.

Q. What was the most interesting thing you learned while making the film?

A. The band was created 15 years ago, to see where we’ve come and what we’ve accomplished on film was pretty cool. This past January the band preformed our 1,000 show! I think Robert did a great job showing insights on how we did it.

Q. Anything surprise you about the film?

A.  On one of the filming days, we were also having a photo shoot with world-renowned photographer David Rams. Some of the photo sessions along with photos were used in the film and that was totally unexpected.

Q. What would you like audiences to take away from the movie?

A. The movie is a lesson on how the creative process works. Having a vision, creating a team, doing the work and never giving up even in the face of adversity. The film shows the band talking shop and the band members have interesting insights into what it like to be in a group like POTM.


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