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Award-winning Simply Irresistible Band to Perform at Opening, Release CD in Early 2018  

 ATLANTA (November 9, 2017) – Galaxy Party Management®, the ultimate provider of private entertainment, today announced the firm will unveil their newly constructed state-of-the-art studios at the renowned Bassmint on Thursday, November 9, 2017.  The Bassmint is a multi-media production complex that recording and touring artists choose for band rehearsals, music videos and TV/Film productions.

During the grand-opening celebration, award-winning band, Simply Irresistible, will take the stage and stream their performance using the studio’s new state-of-the-art recording, video and webex capabilities.

“We strive to provide our artists with the best tools to hone their craft, which translates to amazing results for our clients,” said Dennis Smith, Galaxy Party Management co-founder. “By outfitting our new studio with the latest live streaming and webcasting technology, we are able to create innovative services that make the customer experience more fun, unique and something they haven’t yet imagined. We are excited to show the world what we have in store.”

Galaxy Party Management band, Simply Irresistible, is currently recording an original CD titled, “Simply Irresistible: Vegas on Wheels,” in the new studio space. The first single, “Too Much Sauce,” will be released in January and the full CD will be released in the spring. The CD is being produced by Space and We the Producer, and executive produced by Simply Irresistible Band Leader Ronnie Garrett.

“We are excited to introduce our new CD to our fans,” said Ronnie Garrett. “The CD features a pop / R&B vibe with new songs such as “Bust A Move,” and “MVP,” which is a high-energy track featuring rap.”

With the new Bassmint technology, Simply Irresistible will also host a YouTube page that allows fans to see the band in action before, during and after gigs.  The new page will be launched in the new year.

Galaxy Party Management continues to be on the forefront of the private party scene nationally and around the world. In the new year, the firm will announce a number of new acts as well as an array of new services for clients.


Galaxy Party Management® is a management agency representing and providing business and marketing management to musical groups, bands, musicians and dancers. Our cover bands deliver energetic party experiences with customizable, non-stop, three-hour shows – an unprecedented feat in the industry. With Galaxy Party Management, agencies and event planners have the opportunity to book major-touring artists who have played for the likes of Ted Turner, Eli Manning and Bill Gates. Galaxy Party Bands comprises multiple bands whose artists have toured with Beyoncé, Celine Dion, Earth Wind & Fire, and more. Galaxy Party Management carefully curates song selection, introductions, sound, lighting, choreography, costumes, audience interaction and set design for all its bands’ performances.  For more information, visit





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