• Jessie's Girls played our daughter's Wedding Saturday night. During the planning stages of the Wedding, your advice was once they start, don't stop them. Well we adhered to your plan and the party was like none other. The band had energy that no other affair I've attended has ever had. Jessie's Girls is the real deal. Thank you for making the memories ever lasting. Love to the band from the Lewis/ Yaffe Wedding!

    Rob Lewis Father of the Bride
  • There are no BIG enough words for me to express how happy I am, having worked with you for this past ICE.  The excitement and energy Jesse Girls and the band provided was beyond all that I could imagine.  WOW, WOW, WOW!!!!  They are AMAZING!      

    Sade Awe PRESIDENT & FOUNDER - The Bridal Circle
  • Everything was GREAT!!!!  They ended up staying and hanging out with us afterwards while everyone was breaking down!  People are still raving about them!  If you guys want to do "charity" for a bride and groom, you can always have them play at my wedding for free or a really discounted price!! ha ha!!!  I just got engaged in September and they are the first band or any vendor that finally got me excited to start planning!  They were amazing!! The dance floor was full the whole time and the family was super happy! Anyway, thanks for everything.  

    Kelly Sherlock Kelly Sherlock, LLC Wedding and Event Planning
  • All I can say is WOW!! Simply Irresistible played at my daughter’s wedding in April and I have been to five weddings since then and everyone is still talking about how our band was the best they have EVER heard! The dance floor was packed from the first note until the last when we were “literally” shut down at 2 am. Nobody wanted to leave!! The dance floor was so crowded, the videographer said it was the very tightest dance floor she had ever tried to video. The band’s high energy matched my daughter’s personality exactly and made the wedding PERFECT! I wish we had another wedding to plan so we could hire this band again….we are thinking maybe for an anniversary party! Thank you, thank you for the fabulous job you guys did and for being so great with the guests! You are simply AMAZING, simply IRRESISTIBLE, and simply THE BEST!!

    Cindy Ketchum Mother of the Bride
  • We are still recovering from our Stowe wedding last Saturday, but I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the band. It has been unbelievable the positive comments we have received, no only from our guests but from the Stowe Mountain Resort staff, who see a lot more bands than we do.  The staff said they have never seen so many people dancing at the beginning of a reception and we were receiving comments that  the band was ”out of this world”. It sounded like they were happy with the condos for housing and I heard that Jason the band manager was great to work with. Please pass on our thoughts and appreciation to the band, they were a big hit, especially the West Virginia song they learned and added another dimension to the evening.

    Ken T. Father of the Bride
  • Thanks for your talent. We enjoyed every minute of it. I need to give your name to more brides and grooms!

    Blair Monie
  • We can’t thank you enough for the epic performance last night. Not only did Heather and I have the time of our lives, but we also heard endless compliments from friends and family last night and at brunch this morning that y’all were the best wedding band they’ve ever heard/seen. Thanks so much for keeping the party going non-stop and for never giving anyone a reason to leave the dance floor. You exceeded our expectations and we hope to see y’all burn the house down again soon! If you ever need a referral, please don’t hesitate to use us or put folks in contact with us.

    Adam and Heather R. Bride and Groom
  • Good morning, thanks for your kind words. It couldn’t have been a more perfect night for my daughter. You guys were amazing. My guests are still talking about y’all. Have a great day.

    Robin Love wife of Pro Golfer Davis Love III / Mother of the Bride
  • Everyone loved them!!! They were great. I’m sure we’ll be seeing them in Houston in the future. I had lots of the young guests come up to me throughout the evening saying how great they were. Working with you all was easy and enjoyable. Thanks for all your help making our wedding a memorable event.

    Polly Bowden
  • Good golly miss molly—what a band, 11:15 country club and the dance floor still packed with people. EVERYONE said best wedding reception EVER and it was because of the band. So darn nice and crowd friendly. We probably shocked them how involved we were, EVERYONE WAS ON THE DANCE FLOOR SINGING EVERY SONG, PEOPLE JUMPING UP AND DOWN!

    Stephanie Daves
  • Big Blast and the Party Masters rocked our wedding! Their non-stop performance kept the dance floor packed and we couldn’t believe how fast the evening went because everyone was having such a good time. Some of the singers came out into the crowd and engaged the audience and the horn section had fun choreographed dance moves. Their play list was excellent…fun songs for the parents in the beginning and then more current music for our friends without playing cheesy wedding songs. My wife and I would highly recommend this talented, professional band.

    Teddy S.
  • Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that Party on the Moon exceeded everyone’s expectations and the bride is elated. Not only was the band great, but the vocal harmonies were spot on! The stage energy went non-stop for four hours and the crowd interaction was perfect! Even after the band stopped the girls were out on the dance floor with the bride dancing to the DJ. Dennis went above and beyond to work with the bride and myself for requests and last minute changes. You can be proud of this top shelf act!

    Jeff Krebs Moncrief wedding / Planner-Agent


  • “It was excellent!  Our best crowd so far and Taylor (lead vocalist ) did a great job!   They were super nice to work with, very professional, showed up on time.  I'm sure the committee will consider repeating them next year when we start planning.” (Testimonial for 20 Ride)      

    Beth Newman Greenville Tourism Commission
  • As you know, I have been booking bands for over 30 years and I have never been more impressed by a band in my life! We were fortunate to have “Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters” for our 25th anniversary at the Figure 8 Island Yacht Club last Saturday night. Their music, appearance, attitude and stage presence was better than I’ve ever seen. Jerry Freeman was first class and was responsive to every need and request that was made during the night. There will be lots of requests for this band from all of our members attending and I am looking forward to planning our next party, somewhere, where we can afford the 4 more horns!!! Big Swing has raised the bar and some of our old favorites should all witness the production, energy and class that this new band brings to the stage. Big Swing did it all and I hope we can bring them back soon!

    Buzzy Northen Figure Eight Yacht Club
  • Fight Night in January has become the thing to do in Charlotte. A great fundraiser, this event draws the who’s who out. Jessie’s Girls rocked the house this year when they hit the stage. I don’t think I have ever seen so many guys just stop in their tracks!

    Laura Thomas Night for Kids
  • As a passenger handler for Pan American Airways, I put the Beatles on a Pan Am plane in London in 1964 as they set out to the United States for the Ed Sullivan Show. At age 70 I have been around. The Minneapolis performance by Jessie’s Girls on September 21, 2013, ranks up there with the best, the best I have ever seen and heard.

    Sherman P. Malkerson The C. Chase Company
  • Big Swing was a huge success for the Wachovia Championship Block Party. I had several people tell me they liked them better than Chicago.

    Heather Alala Wachovia Championship Block Party
  • Big Swing and the Ballroom Blasters were a huge hit at the 62nd North Carolina Azalea Festival’s 2009 Patron’s Party Gala. They played a great variety of music and had everyone on their feet on the dance floor. Multiple patrons and corporate sponsors expressed their appreciation and said they thought they were one of, if not, THE best band we have had preform at this event. I am happy to be a reference for them in the future, as I would highly recommend them without reservation to anyone!

    Erica Mearns 2010 NC Azalea Festival President
  • Simply Irresistible was out of this world at the Heart Ball Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Trump and Andre Leon Tally loved them. Ronnie and his team truly made the evening very special. I will happily recommend them to any of my colleagues around the country.

    Stacey A. Dowdle American Heart Association
  • We L-O-V-E-D them! I can’t get enough compliments on the band. We would just love to have them back.

    Ashley Gentry Chesapeake Health Foundation Gala
  • It was great – they did an awesome job – We would definitely use them again – and I would highly recommend them. Great personalities.

    Heather Clark New Breed Corporation
  • I just wanted to say thank you so much for recommending Jessie’s Girls for our Superbowl of Knowledge event this past weekend.  They were AWESOME!  Our employees have not been on the dance floor like they were on Saturday night in years!  And even the people who don’t dance, just sat and enjoyed great music.  It made my heart glad to see everyone having such a wonderful time!

    Torrye M Thompson AAA Carolinas / Travel Marketing Administrator
  • On behalf of ASTA, we extend our sincerest thanks to you once again for an outstanding performance at the 125th Annual Convention in Orlando, FL. Your fantastic show was one of the best highlights of the entire convention and helped to make this year’s event very successful and memorable. We hope that you enjoyed the experience as much as the participants seemed to! It has been a true pleasure working with you throughout the entire planning process. It was a great night, and I hope we might have the opportunity to work together again in the future. Thank you again for your support.

    Jennifer S. Lord American Seed Trade Association
  • A fantastic job. The client loved them. The dance floor was packed all night long.

    Lindsey Conway PGI Washington, Inc.


  • "I can’t thank you enough for being so great to work with! We have heard so many comments about that weekend, and Jessie’s Girls is definitely a contributing factor to how amazing everything turned out. I look forward to working with you again in the future."      

    Sarah Portela Event Planner - Quail Hollow Country Club
  • Everything was GREAT!!!!  They ended up staying and hanging out with us afterwards while everyone was breaking down!  People are still raving about them!  If you guys want to do "charity" for a bride and groom, you can always have them play at my wedding for free or a really discounted price!! ha ha!!!  I just got engaged in September and they are the first band or any vendor that finally got me excited to start planning!  They were amazing!! The dance floor was full the whole time and the family was super happy! Anyway, thanks for everything.  

    Kelly Sherlock Kelly Sherlock, LLC Wedding and Event Planning
  • It was wonderful!  The whole team was so easy to work with and Jessie’s Girls did a phenomenal job!  Mrs. Barbier-Mueller (client) danced pretty much every dance once the full band started.  Last night she said:  “It’s a great party, isn’t it?” and today she texted me:  “Thanks for the best evening I could have ever imagined!”  So, I’d say it was a smashing success! I also owe you a very late thank you for the wonderful job you and POTM all did on the Hardison Wedding!  It is always such a pleasure to work with you and your teams!  You make our jobs easier and that means A LOT! Thank you!

    Angela Stone Todd Events - Senior Event Planner
  • This past Saturday was our 13th annual Premier Gala, with over 950 people in attendance. I must say our event this year was by far our largest success, largely due to Party on the Moon's performance being way way “over the top”! Fabulous just doesn’t cut it...their energy level, interaction with the crowd and dancing, singing, acting …what a complete package. The next day your band, and our event, was the talk of the town. I have had at least 40 people come up to me after the event and tell me to make sure we book the band again for 2018, so please pencil in the date.

    Joe Ruffolo Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center
  • There is not a better name for ‘Perfect 10’ band.  I can not even begin to explain to you how UNBELIEVABLE they were. They started out at the cocktail reception with beautiful background jazz music.  Our birthday reception (with 180 guests in attendence) was held in the Grand Ballroom at the Ritz Carlton in South Beach.  They played NONSTOP from 8pm to 12pm and had every guest in the room dancing, singing, etc….. I provided them with a songlist (which included 60s, motown, rock & roll, Michael Jackson, and some hip hop). They revised my list and sent back a list of what they thought would be appropriate.  We all thought the original artists were in the room during every song they played. I am so happy I chose them and so thankful to you for helping me do so.  They will play for us again in the future.

    Luane V.
  • Hey Jerry!!…You all are undoubtedly the most impressive and positively charged group of performers we work with. We truly meant that tag-team hug and couldn’t possibly begin to express the appropriate amount of gratitude for how you handled such a crazy situation with such poise… THAT WAS A CRAZY STORM!! So many bands would have refused to play!! And your ability to create a situation where guests hardly were even aware of the storm, b/c they were having such fun, was AMAZING.

    Kristin Newman Kristin Newman Designs
  • I just wanted to let you both know how much we all enjoyed Jessie’s Girls at our Down East Deb Party. They were absolutely GREAT !!!! Everyone at the party had a wonderful time. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the band. Many people told us that it was the best party that they had ever been to! You deserve a big ‘Thank you’ for a fabulous evening.

    Susan Bailey
  • I hope you and all the bands ears are ok today. They should be burning like crazy. Everyone is raving about Jessie’s Girls! You were such a big part of creating an unforgettable memory for four young ladies and their parents. It was even better than we imagined it would be. I hope you had as much fun as we did. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best in 2012.

    Nancy Ellis
  • Thank you for creating the best party ever in Kansas City. We had a blast and have received rave reviews about Party on the Moon!! Turning 50 and we can still dance, jump and party!! Comments: Best Party Ever, Party of the Century, Party of the Decade. Top of the list. To me the band makes the party and you all did just that on Saturday Night!!!! We all had sore calf’s the next day! You are the best band in the country. Thank you and I hope you had a safe trip back to Atlanta. See you in the Bahamas for the Brooks wedding!

    Ellen Merriman
  • Thank you so much for suggesting Party On the Moon’s sister band, Simply Irresistible.  I want to have another party just to have them again!

    Margo Harrod
  • Simply Irresistible and Party on the Moon performed together at our event in October. The girls were amazing and the entire group wowed the guests. I think we could have left off the food and drinks and our guests would have still been intoxicated off these two (2) outstanding bands alone!

    Barry West AIFD / Blossoms Events
  • You guys are the example of what entertainment “Should” be.  Keep up the good work!

    Makenna Coya Director of International Sports and Entertainment