A Galaxy of Good Wishes!

One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you and yours peace, love and laughter for the new year. Please enjoy this fun, holiday tune from our very [...]

EastCoast Entertainment Celebrates 40 Years

Happy Birthday to EastCoast Entertainment, which celebrated its 40th birthday last month in Richmond, Virginia.  Over the years, EastCoast has set the standard for events worldwide and today has [...]

December is Here! Party Bands & Holiday Tips

Biz1190 recently featured Galaxy Party Management Co-founder Dennis Smith on The Dana Barrett Show. Check out this LINK to hear Dennis’ radio interview, which begins at the 14-minute mark.

The Inaugural Ball

I have been getting a steady steam of texts and emails asking if Party On The Moon will be performing at The Inaugural Ball for President-Elect Donald Trump. I’m not surprised by the question. We [...]