My friend, Ross, recently said, “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. All the family gets together, we don’t have to worry about gifts, we eat and drink way too much, and I have my own room to [...]


In March of this year, I earned my Black Belt in Taido Karate. It was an 8-year journey and, like any journey, it had its times of ups and downs.  There were days I had doubts about my mental and [...]


I recently heard a wonderful interview with the actor, Daniel Radcliffe. He played the role of Harry Potter, and has since gone on to star on Broadway, as well as in other feature films. Daniel [...]


Perfection is defined as “the act of making something perfect or better”. Party on the Moon® recently preformed for the Lexus luxury car company. They were celebrating the roll-out of their 2014 [...]